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Maximizing Profits and Competitiveness with Telecom Common Language

iconectiv’s latest use case explores how Common Language benefits network element resellers and their communication service provider customers. This industry-standard resource enables resellers to meet customer demand and overcome major business challenges.
May 31, 2023
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iconectiv Attends International Telecoms Week

During International Telecoms Week, iconectiv is focused on addressing the mounting challenges across the telecom ecosystem. To protect service providers, businesses and consumers, its arsenal of trusted communications superheroes battles scammers, identifies suspicious callers and organizes mismanaged assets and inventory.
May 16, 2023
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With millions in CapEx at stake for service providers each year, digital transformation and next-generation communication deployments like 5G require a coordinated approach across the ecosystem—and a common language—to succeed.

In a panel at Connect (X), iconectiv’s Head of Solutions Engineering, John Hayes, will join industry experts to discuss the deployment challenges of 5G and what service providers and the larger telecom ecosystem are learning along the way. With his expertise, Hayes will explore how a network is sourced and transitioned and why service providers must have full visibility into the location, assets and capabilities of all available infrastructure and network sites.
May 3, 2023
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With fraud on the rise and mobile phone numbers now acting as individuals’ digital identities, a perfect storm is brewing in the UK

Peter Ford, iconectiv’s Executive Vice President, Information Solutions Business joined the paper’s author, Omnisperience Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam in the latest Trending Tech Podcast, hosted by Jeremy Cowan. During it they discussed this pressing issue as well the latest tech headlines and trends impacting the telecom space.
Apr 26, 2023
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iconectiv use case substantiates how standardized site data maximizes revenue and ROI for companies that own towers and network sites

As service providers roll out new technology (like 5G) and densify their networks, it is critical that they have full visibility into the location, assets and capabilities of all available infrastructure and network sites. Companies that own and operate towers and network sites can help service providers do this—essentially optimizing their network planning and operation—by providing clear and accurate site information using the standardized industry data widely used by the telecom ecosystem.
Apr 25, 2023
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As regulators around the world combat the rise in illegal robocalls, call centers and businesses must adapt in order to get legitimate calls through to consumers

At Conecta Mexico, iconectiv’s Bob Grant will discuss how the global telecom community is working together to protect and defend the communications ecosystem. To learn more about how iconectiv’s services are focused on keeping people connected by verifying legitimate callers, stop by booth #3 on the exhibition floor to talk to our team.
Apr 11, 2023
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New iconectiv use case highlights how streamlined ordering, interconnection and billing can light up wholesale fiber revenues and ROI

As service providers roll out 5G and densify their networks, they are increasingly relinquishing end-to-end ownership and control of their networks by outsourcing links to wholesale fiber providers. A new iconectiv use case explains how wholesale fiber companies can streamline and simplify their interactions with their service provider customers to secure greater market share. Service providers use an industry-standard common language to log and describe their networks. A wholesale fiber company that applies the same standard terminology to their own network elements will instantly improve communication within their own organization—and at a competitive advantage when marketing to service providers.
Apr 6, 2023

In the news


iconectiv Interview with CBS San Antonio: Wrong Number Texts

In this interview, Chris Drake, SVP, Corporate and Business Development at iconectiv, explains the dangers of answering texts from unknown but innocent looking numbers. Chris emphasizes the importance of not feeling obligated to politely respond, which can leave you vulnerable to being scammed.
May 25, 2023

Connect (X) Recap: Why reflecting on an age-old fable may do the wireless infrastructure industry some good.

Following Connect (X), hosted by The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), representatives from iconectiv share their thoughts and observations from the show.
May 15, 2023

Trending Tech: Fraud: Why are UK telcos so vulnerable and can they curb attacks on all of us?

In this podcast, Peter Ford of iconectiv and Teresa Cottam of Omnisperience discuss how Britain’s telcos can curb the crimewave of cyber-enabled fraud.
Apr 20, 2023

After posing the question about whether the UK is pro-customer or pro-criminal, telecom industry expert Teresa Cottam explores why now is the time for the UK to act

In the second part of iconectiv’s interview with Teresa Cottam, Chief Analyst at Omnisperience, we discuss her newly published white paper, ‘UK Digital Fraud: There’s a gap in the UK digital infrastructure and it’s letting fraud in,’ and explore why she thinks it’s critical for the United Kingdom (UK) to change its current number portability processes now.
Apr 19, 2023

Provocative paper from Omnisperience questions if UK is pro-customer or pro-criminal; author delves into process overlooked by telecom industry stakeholders, exploited by fraudsters

With fraud costing the British economy £137 billion, this month UK-based analyst house and consultancy Omnisperience issued a new white paper, ‘UK Digital Fraud: There’s a gap in the UK digital infrastructure and it’s letting fraud in.’ iconectiv sat down with the paper’s author Chief Analyst Teresa Cottam to discuss the current fraud issue and why she believes a revamp of how the UK handles number porting is critical for a modern digital economy.
Apr 13, 2023

Why messaging should be a part of your contact center blueprint

When it comes to engaging with customers, messaging is often where businesses will find success. Globally, 5 billion people (approximately 65% of the world’s population) send and receive SMS messages, while 80% of the North American population use text messaging.
Apr 6, 2023

Interview with NBC: How to Win Against Schemes During March Madness

NBC Dallas reports on the dangers of sports betting scams as March Madness continues. George Cray, SVP of iconectiv, shares his expert knowledge on fraud and telecom scams. Cray shares that text messaging is the most common medium for scammers to use right now because 97% of texts are opened, most of which are in the first 3 minutes.
Mar 26, 2023



Common Interest Group on Routing and Rating Working Group (CIGRR) Chicago

iconectiv will host the second quarter Common Interest Group on Routing and Rating (CIGRR) work group session on July 11th – 13th, 2023. This three-day meeting provides an interactive forum for CIGRR to recommend advanced direction to the TruOps Telecom Routing Administration (TRA).

Common Language IAB &TAG Meeting Wisconsin

The Common Language International Advisory Board (IAB) and Technical Advisory Group’s (TAG) will be held in Madison  WI, on June 20th, 21st and 22nd. The advisory board discusses topics impacting the telecommunications industry, while the TAG session addresses day–to-day operational concerns in regard to specific code sets identified to satisfy subscriber business requirements.

KYC Summit 2023 – SIP Forum

Presented by the SIP Forum, the KYC Summit 2023 is a special webinar series focused on “Know Your Customer” Strategies, Solutions and Best Practices.

PACE Washington Summit

With the fluctuating compliance landscape in the telecom industry, businesses need to ensure they are prepared. iconectiv will join telecom experts and service providers at the PACE Washington Summit in Arlington, VA on May 21 – 23, 2023 iconectiv experts will be on-site to discuss topics like call blocking and labeling, TCPA reform, privacy issues that affect contact centers, dealing with customer data now and in the future and more. To connect with iconectiv at the PACE…

CABASE Internet Day

Alberto Apablaza, iconectiv’s LATAM Account Director, joins a catalog of prestigious speakers at this year’s CABASE Internet Day in Argentina. Along with his number portability session on May 17, 2023, at 2:45 PM EDT in the main auditorium.

International Telecoms Week 23

iconectiv will join international carriers and messaging providers at ITW 2023 in National Harbor, MD from May 9-12, 2023. iconectiv experts will be on-site to talk about the benefits of iconectiv’s TruReach Toll-Free 8MS solution in ensuring communications connectivity.

Speaking Engagements

speaking engagement

Are We Ready for a Universal Registry of Known Telephone Numbers?

Join iconectiv’s Chris Drake, Senior Vice President - Corporate and Business Development, on June 12 when he moderates the “Are We Ready for a Universal Registry of Known Telephone Numbers?” webinar panel at KYC Summit 2023.
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Join iconectiv’s Alberto Apablaza, LATAM Account Director, on May 17 as he hosts the NUMBER PORTABILITY, TELEPHONY: Update and Challenges session at Internet Day 2023 in Argentina.
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The 5G playbook – What Do you Need to Deploy 5G?

5G may already be available in most of the U.S., but there are still many small operators that are in the beginning of their 5G transitions.  This panel discussion will talk about the spectrum, regulatory challenges, infrastructure needs and investment requirements to build a 5G network. In addition, it will discuss some of the unknowns that we are still learning about 5G, such as why operators have failed to fully monetize 5G at this point.
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Superheroes Unite: Protecting and Defending the Communications Ecosystem

In the ever-expanding telecom universe, there are villains trying to corrupt the communications ecosystem. Fortunately, a legion of Trusted Communication Superheroes—each wielding unique special powers—are laser-focused on keeping people connected, businesses running and commerce flowing by identifying and verifying legitimate callers so that their voice traffic receives the proper authentication and is not inaccurately categorized as potentially suspicious or illegal. Get ready to take your place among the legion of Trusted Communication Superheroes who are mitigating suspicious activity and protecting businesses, communication providers and consumers every day.
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Cloud Comms Summit US

The Cloud Comms Summit is the leading and largest vendor-agnostic event for service providers focused on the Cloud Communications industry. Established by Cavell, the summit offers key findings from the latest Cloud Comms Market and Enterprise Insight Research Reports to help you understand the market.
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Not All Numbers Are Created Equal: Finding the Right Messaging Solution for Your Business

The business messaging landscape is constantly changing as new entrants disrupt the ecosystem. Nearly 70% of consumer brand interactions shifted to messaging during the pandemic, and this trend is expected to continue as nearly 65% of the global population send and receive SMS messages.
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Safeguarding the Enterprise Against Escalating Global Cyber Threats

iconectiv Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Michael Iwanoff, will participate in this panel discussion to give insight on cybersecurity emerging threats, cyber resilience, and what iconectiv does to stay cyber-secure. The other panelists include John McDonough, Cloud Architect/Cloud DevOps Engineer at Fortinet, Arvin Bansal, Senior Director, Cloud Security & Data Protection at AmerisourceBergen, and moderator Rocco Grillo, Managing Director – Global Cyber Risk Services & Incident Response Investigation at Alvarez & Marsal.