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TruNumber Protect enables service providers to block many types of fraud and suspicious activity, including one-ring scams, PBX hacking fraud, international revenue share fraud (IRSF), interconnection-related revenue leakage and fraudulent roaming calls to premium-rate services.

With the TRACED Act now enacted in the United States, service providers can benefit from a fast, proven way to block calls from high-risk and unallocated number ranges using TruNumber Protect. By providing intelligence about telephone numbers worldwide, TruNumber Protect reliably cuts down on one-ring scam calls and text messages as well as fraudulent roaming calls to premium rate services. With TruNumber Protect powering your fraud prevention initiatives, you can expect reliable, actionable data and a proactive approach to stopping fraudsters in their tracks.

combating fraud with accurate data

TruNumber Protect provides a comprehensive database of high-risk and unallocated number ranges. It leverages our authoritative dial plan data, presented in a common format to cover 245 ISO Country Codes for countries and territories worldwide. Our datasets enable service providers to pinpoint — and flag — potential fraudulent calls and take immediate preventive action in real time.

The intuitive, cloud-based user interface lets you slice and dice the data to load into routing tables, switches or least cost routing mechanisms. This empowers you to decide what traffic to block and monitor.


use Origin Based Rating (OBR) for accurate rating and billing

OBR is a rating method based on the origination location and the termination destination of a voice call, used to determine the billing amount per call. Depending on the call’s originating country, service provider and line type, the terminating network service provider will apply a charge. The terminating network service provider may also add an increased surcharge to the rate if calling line identification (CLID) is not supplied by the originating service provider. 

OBR can affect any network service provider that originates or terminates international voice traffic. Surcharge rates for calls without calling party numbers, CallerID or automatic number identification (ANI), including those with manipulated or invalid numbers, can be charged a penalty by the terminating network service provider.
iconectiv TruNumber Protect’s global authoritative database of telephone number ranges help service providers accurately rate and charge for terminating calls based on the originating telephone number range. Leveraging TruNumber Protect, service providers can identify the origin country, network service provider, type of phone number and legitimacy for any worldwide telephone number range. 

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strength in numbers: fight fraud with reliable data

TruNumber Protect uses industry-best data to help service providers fight fraud using iconectiv’s authoritative, consolidated database. It combines information from national regulators, telecom consortiums, industry associations and numbering administrators from around the world.

The power of the TruNumber Protect data allows you to proactively stop fraud before it ever starts, which helps make your fraud prevention team even more efficient. Use it to quickly identify and block fraudulent calls to and from high-risk number ranges or to obtain early warnings to alert your fraud prevention teams about impending attacks. And because it is a forward-looking solution, you don’t need to rely on past fraud events to stop future fraud attempts. Instead, it immediately blocks fraudulent calls including unallocated and premium rate numbers.

Fighting one-ring scams


With the TRACED Act enacted in the U.S., service providers can benefit from a proven way to block calls from high-risk and unallocated number ranges.

The steep cost of a fraud


Put an end to fraud. Learn how TruNumber Protect safeguards your customers, brand, and bottom line.

Stop revenue share fraud

Case Study

See how TruNumber Protect helped the UK’s largest mobile network virtually end revenue share fraud.

Outsmart the fraudsters

Market Brief

You can stay ahead of the fraudsters by enhancing your existing platforms with TruNumber Protect.

Stop fraudsters


Service providers can now utilize detailed number range data from across the globe to help stop telecom fraudsters in their tracks.

TruNumber Protect map


See the full list of 245 country codes covered by TruNumber Protect’s comprehensive database of high-risk and unallocated number ranges.

Global number database

Analyst Report

Analyst report: Value of database of global telephone numbers in fraud blocking and business analytics.

Retailer thwarts fraud

Use Case

Learn how a retailer protects its customer experience, revenue and brand while blocking fraudsters with TruNumber Protect.

Origin-based rating for network service providers

Market Brief

Find out how Origin Based Rating (OBR) can help your company build revenue and combat possible financial penalties.

fraud: a multi-billion dollar problem

Fraudulent abuse of communications networks and technologies results in more than $32 billion in losses every year. See how TruNumber Protect can help prevent International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) and other types of number fraud by proactively blocking fraudulent calls before they take place.

telecom fraud is constantly evolving

Fraudsters grow more devious and sophisticated every year. For service providers, that means billions lost annually to interconnection-related fraud such as IRSF. IRSF exploits International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) and unallocated numbers to send fraudulent calls and text messages to high-cost areas around the world. It is currently one of the most lucrative types of fraud in the world.

The most effective way to reduce IRSF is to identify and stop the crime before it takes place. TruNumber Protect helps prevent IRSF and other types of fraud from entering your network. It’s designed to complement your current fraud strategies, easily integrating with your existing systems so you can make more efficient use of your fraud prevention resources.

further enhance your fraud management system with TruNumber Protect intelligent numbering data

iconectiv TruNumber Protect provides a comprehensive database of high-risk and unallocated number ranges. This wealth of data enables fraud-fighting vendors to help their customers pinpoint — and flag — potential fraudulent calls and take immediate preventive action in real time.

Leveraging iconectiv numbering intelligence, your fraud solutions can better detect unauthorized traffic coming from unallocated and prime-rate number ranges, providing extra value for your telecom service provider customers by helping detect and block fraud, while also helping them recover lost revenues, streamline traceback requests and reduce customer churn.  

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