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Voice, text and data are at the center of our economy and culture. From a business teleconference that connects workers across the globe, to a simple flight confirmation text, to an AI chatbot helping to facilitate a purchasing decision, it is difficult to imagine life without these three pillars of commerce and connectivity. Staying engaged with clients in today’s always moving economy and driving conversational commerce requires building that engagement on a foundation of trust. iconectiv lets you strengthen relationships and drive revenue with targeted, trusted and timely consumer engagement.

phone with transaction

when consumers are reluctant to engage, revenues decline

Consumers no longer trust what’s on their caller ID or texts they receive. Even communications from legitimate businesses are seen as highly speculative. Meanwhile, businesses are increasingly becoming victims themselves, having to defend against fraud on all fronts as they need to know that the customer they are communicating with is, in fact, that person and not an imposter. This negatively impacts:

  • Businesses that need to reach consumers
  • Regulators that are accountable for consumer protection
  • Consumers who miss important calls
  • Communications service providers (CSPs) that often shoulder the blame

platforms that keep the conversation going

Businesses want to successfully engage with customers so they can grow their revenue and increase customer satisfaction and retention. That is easier said than done . With billions of B2C calls and text messages daily, things become complex quickly. Operations can become burdensome and expensive. The good news is that when legitimate businesses are known to their consumers, call answer rates and net promoter scores go up. In fact, 95% of consumers indicate they answer calls and messages from a trusted source. That means that important alerts, reminders, offers and notifications are received and customer engagement and conversational commerce is streamlined. At iconectiv, we focus on keeping B2C engagement simple so businesses can focus on what they do best — running their company and engaging with their customers and prospects.

consumer engagement platforms

PortData Comply: Country’s authoritative source to verify if a phone number has been ported between wireless and wireline, which is needed for TCPA compliance.

TruNumber Protect: Authoritative, database of high-risk numbers, including unallocated and premium rate numbers, to proactively identity and block call initiation of suspicious calls.

TruNumber Routing: Optimal routing and rating data for 245 countries and ISOs to validate the terminating service provider and prevent revenue leakage.

TruOps Telecom Routing Administration (TRA): One-stop, authoritative data source for North American interconnection data. Used for billing and numbering assignments and to route and rate 15B transactions daily.

TruReach Certify: Authenticate caller ID information at call origination and securely convey it between service provider networks to mitigate spoofing and illegal robocalling.

TruReach Toll-Free 8MS: Efficient provisioning, least-cost routing, inventory management of 75+% of toll-free numbers and 70% of toll-free services.

Short Code Registry: Country’s single database of available, reserved and registered short codes for trusted B2C text messages.

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