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Imagine throwing away 20% of your yearly capital expenditures. That’s the reality for a surprising number of service providers — to the tune of $65 billion lost, industry-wide. The culprits? Poor communication, mislaid assets and mismanaged inventory is a direct result of critical data being scattered throughout your organization in a variety of formats, managed by different business functions. This makes sharing information and effective collaboration difficult, if not impossible. 

TruOps Common Language® was designed to put an end to all that waste, once and for all.  It keeps everyone working together. For service providers whose operations involve an overwhelming amount of moving parts, Common Language promotes consistency by standardizing the way your ecosystem refers to locations, equipment, circuit paths and service use. 

bring order to the chaos

Common Language ensures the flow of consistent and accurate information throughout your organization’s infrastructure by providing a common:

  • Name for locations, equipment, connections, services and virtual functions
  • View of the network across business operations
  • Way to optimize processes through automating operations 

Common Language centralizes all your information, so you can eliminate duplication and errors. As a result, costly mistakes are avoided, and efficiency between business divisions, corporate partners and even vendors is dramatically increased.

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standardization, simplification and optimization

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Common Language enables the standardization of infrastructure, data, and assets by defining common rules for the physical labeling of network equipment. Enforcing consistent equipment ordering codes allows you to maximize efficiencies, eliminate human errors and data silos and facilitate the identification, tracking and monetizing of equipment assets intra-company and across country lines.

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Common Language increases simplification by enforcing process automation. At the same time, it provides a shared view of network connections, so you can see your network data, in real time, along with the most up-to-date financial information, to increase efficiencies across your entire organization.

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It also optimizes efficiency, offering dashboard visibility of your network and assets. You can pinpoint compatible replacements for priority fixes, locate and reuse equipment to reduce waste and manage recalls with no impact on service levels.

VanillaPlus: Ensure Optimised Operations

Market Brief

iconectiv explains why CSPs must adopt a common language.

IDC: Simplifying 5G rollouts


Insights into how service providers are simplifying 5G deployments by leveraging existing operational tools.

IDC: Accelerating 5G rollouts


Strategies for supporting the rollout of new revenue-generating services in a way that is both profitably and scalable.

Centralize your information


See how Common Language can help you improve operations efficiencies with centralized information.

Improving OPEX, CAPEX


IDC explores changes in telecom, service provider challenges and investing in fixed asset management.

Make the most of your assets


Save millions using a fixed asset registry with location reference information for financial reporting.

Fixed asset management

Market Brief

See how Common Language can improve your data infrastructure to maximize value and deliver change.


Case Study

See how Common Language helped Mexico’s largest telecom reduce order fallout by 23%.


Case Study

Learn how altafiber realized more effective equipment product change management.

Business optimization


Expertise and advice on the best implementation of Common Language codesets.

Maximize profitability

Use Case

Maximize profitability and operational efficiency with full access to industry-standard interconnection data.

Accurate asset management

Use Case

Simplify compliance and asset management by knowing what you have, what you need and what you don’t.

Location services information


Learn how Common Language CLLI™ Codes are used worldwide to identify and describe network sites, network support sites and customers' sites.

Network links, connections


All services are delivered via connections, which is why a single, consistent connection definition saves time and money.

Common Language Store


Companies with low-volume interactions with service providers can purchase the data they need direct for the store.

Equipment info services


Leverage Common Language CLEI™ Codes to reference network equipment type and ensure that all references are to the same asset type.

Value of NC/NCI subscription

Use Case

Streamline interconnection with the definitive codeset from the industry’s only official source.

Industry-standard information

Use Case

Use TruOps Common Language’s industry-standard descriptions to accurately compare GSA services.

capex too high? cut costs, not quality

Better network visibility to reduce spend is possible. With Common Language standardized data can be your standard operating procedure. Learn how Common Language helps reduce network investment without compromising service or reliability.

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