verifiable digital identity leveraging authoritative mobile data

With digital transformation impacting almost all facets of people’s personal and professional lives, protecting the digital identity of consumers and businesses is of utmost importance. While an individual’s digital identity is comprised of several data points, the phone number has quickly emerged as the key personal identifier globally, especially with number portability enabling people to keep their phone number for life. In fact, Juniper Research has reported that mobile phones will become the primary source of identity for over 3B people by 2024, further cementing the global movement to establish phone number verification, validation and authentication capabilities. iconectiv addresses this growing business need with a digital identity portfolio that provides the:


convenience and simplicity that consumers demand

reliable, verifiable data that businesses need

reliable, verifiable data that businesses need

global ubiquity that national registries cannot replicate

global ubiquity that national registries cannot replicate


phone numbers defend and protect commerce, privacy, data and reputation

Companies rely on phone numbers to deliver critical information, sell and support products and services and facilitate consumer engagement and conversational commerce transactions. Interesting, by its very nature, mobility makes digital identity verification and validation more complex as the virtual aspect requires different ways of determining whether a person is who they say they are because of:

  • Volume of data
  • Frequency of changes including service provider and subscriber assignments
  • Myriad of inaccuracies
  • Unreliable and aged data

delivering trust, ensuring compliance and preventing fraud

Every day, businesses and consumers count on iconectiv for reliable, trusted and authoritative mobile data to facilitate billions of transactions that are predicated on being identified and identifying who is on the other side of the line. As a neutral, trusted guardian of critical mobile data globally, the iconectiv digital identity portfolio eliminates uncertainty by providing extensive, authoritative and accessible dynamic phone number intelligence, data sets and other identification signals to round out a company’s Integrated Identity Platform (IIP).



From the start, as new user accounts are opened, the person’s identity needs to be validated and the entity needs to be verified in order to prevent fraudulent accounts from being created. Knowing the line type, the phone number and phone number ranges, and accessing port-corrected mobile data is critical before finalizing new registrations.



Authenticating a user before approving a transaction or sharing information can help avoid account takeovers and unauthorized access. Considering there are millions of phone number changes each year, companies rely on iconectiv’s data and numbering intelligence as a key signal in their digital identity and verification efforts. 


transaction and event monitoring

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 2.4M consumers reported fraud in 2022, with imposter scams being the most common. Having confidence that the phone number is not compromised is necessary, which is why companies rely on iconectiv’s authoritative number ranges to ensure they have the right information to make the right decisions.

digital id

ongoing engagement

Definitively knowing that a business is engaging with the right customer is a necessity in today’s digital marketplace. Reports show 80% of consumers rank phone interactions as the preferred customer service channel. When communications are seen as speculative, it lowers answer rates and decreases engagement, which impacts revenue and productivity.

robust portfolio supports full range of digital identity verification

Leveraging decades of unmatched experience in the communications industry, iconectiv’s Digital Identity portfolio spans the continuum of the digital verification process from registration to login to transaction and event monitoring to ongoing engagement. iconectiv is a one-stop shop for the authoritative data that helps safeguard the integrity of businesses and consumers. iconectiv offers, which can be used independently or in concert, include:

they can be used independently or in concert to help:

  • Enterprises elevate their consumer engagement, protect their brand and revenue
  • Consumers have confidence in phone communications and keep their key digital identifier: their phone number
  • Government bodies mitigate illegal robocalling and spoofing and curtail spammers and scammers

digital identity platforms

PortData Comply  
Country’s authoritative source to verify if a phone number has been ported between wireless and wireline, which is needed for TCPA compliance.
PortData Validate  
National source of porting history and service provider ownership for a phone number, used to mitigate fraud and assess risk.
TruNumber Protect 
Authoritative, database of high-risk numbers, including unallocated and premium rate numbers, to proactively identity and block call initiation of suspicious calls.
TruNumber Routing 
Optimal routing and rating data for 245 countries and ISOs to validate the terminating service provider and prevent revenue leakage.
TruReach Certify 
Authenticate caller ID information at call origination and securely convey it between service provider networks to mitigate spoofing and illegal robocalling.
Short Code Registry Administrator  
Country's single database of available, reserved and registered short codes for trusted B2C text messages.

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