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Businesses need to protect their brand and revenue, consumers need confidence in phone communications and government bodies need to protect residents and legitimate businesses while keeping fraudsters at bay. As the trusted partner for authoritative numbering data for global regulators, service providers and businesses, iconectiv is committed to helping solve these industry challenges and delivering on our ultimate promise of enabling the simple, seamless secure interconnection of networks, devices and applications. It is why we remain focused on fighting against illegal robocallers and fraudsters, identifying and verifying suspicious callers and solving service provider network and asset management complexities.


be in the know and be known

Trusted communications is predicated on pushing digital transformation to the next level, delivering secure conversational commerce experiences that connect businesses and consumers and ensuring privacy, scalability and agility across the entire digital value chain. To achieve that, requires:

  • Information trust: Can you trust the information in your systems/networks? Do you have access to reliable, verifiable data to operate efficiently and safely
  • Business trust: Can you trust the business calling you? Is the consumer protected against account takeover, inbound fraud?
  • Customer trust: Can you trust the consumer is who they say they are? 
  • Phone number trust: Can you trust the number you see in your caller id is worth answering or that the text is legitimate?

we’re on a big mission

iconectiv is investing to ensure trusted interoperability in the network, devices and applications upon which we depend. Together we are reversing the curve of eroding confidence in our global communications ecosystem, helping businesses thrive by restoring trust in calls and text messages while protecting reputations and bottom lines.

asset management

asset management

Helping companies in their digital transformation journeys by judiciously streamlining financial reporting, reducing operational costs, maximizing operational efficiencies and achieving economies of scale so that they can confidently invest in new technologies, processes and innovations that make technological advancements across all communications possible.



Businesses rely on iconectiv everyday aware that 95% of people will answer a phone call when they know it is from a trusted source. Ensure that businesses know who they are speaking with and that consumers have the confidence to trust their caller ID and answer the phone again, thanks to iconectiv's support in identifying and verifying suspicious callers.



Ensuring privacy, scalability and agility reign supreme across the entire digital value chain. With iconectiv, service providers can operate as efficiently and safely as possible and tackle the 20% of CapEx wasted each year, since they know the details of how their network is sourced and deployed.


fraud mitigation

Spotting and stopping suspicious phone numbers to protect network integrity, safeguarding customer relationships, protecting margins and defending against nefarious activity. All with an eye on helping service providers recoup the $29 billion in revenue that is lost to fraud each year.

restore trust in communications

iconectiv is fighting to ensure trust across the ecosystem from brands to businesses to consumers to regulators so that everyone has confidence that they know with whom they are communicating. This includes making sure incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages are verified and identified, and that communications service providers can trust the information in their systems and network, and ultimately operate as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

trusted communications platforms

PortData Comply  
Country’s authoritative source to verify if a phone number has been ported between wireless and wireline, which is needed for TCPA compliance.
PortData Source 
Law enforcement and public safety personnel can benefit from PortData Source, which helps them quickly find which service provider owns the telephone number and provides the law enforcement emergency contact information for that service provider.
PortData Validate  
National source of porting history and service provider ownership for a phone number, used to mitigate fraud and assess risk.
TruNumber Finder 
Real-time access to phone number data including historical porting history and current service provider ownership.
TruNumber Gateway
Number portability management system that seamlessly manages phone number changes to maximize call completion rates with less costs and fewer errors.
TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse
Secure platform and definitive source for phone number porting data. 
TruNumber Protect 
Authoritative, database of high-risk numbers, including unallocated and premium rate numbers, to proactively identity and block call initiation of suspicious calls.
TruNumber Routing
Optimal routing and rating data for 245 countries and ISOs to validate the terminating service provider and prevent revenue leakage.
TruOps Common Language
Simplified network, equipment and location asset and inventory management for accurate and timely financial reporting, improved network utilization, seamless interconnections
TruOps Telecom Routing Administrator
One-stop, authoritative data source for North American interconnection data. Used for billing and numbering assignments and to route and rate 15B transactions daily. 
TruReach Certify 
Authenticate caller ID information at call origination and securely convey it between service provider networks to mitigate spoofing and illegal robocalling.
TruReach Toll-Free 8MS
Efficient provisioning, least-cost routing, inventory management of 75+% of toll-free numbers and 70% of toll-free services.
Short Code Registry Administrator  
Country’s single database of available, reserved and registered short codes for trusted B2C text messages.

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