SS7 Point Code Administration

SS7 point codes are unique addresses that identify individual network elements for a Signaling Point used in Message Transfer Part (MTP) to identify the destination of a message signal unit (MSU).  The national administration and assignment of point codes for the United States and other North American Numbering Plan (NANP) countries are maintained in one database by iconectiv on behalf of ATIS-PTSC. 

What are Point Codes

Point codes are 24-bit binary codes that are needed for all signaling points using the Signaling System 7 (SS7), also known as Common Channel Signaling (CSS) network. They identify network nodes so that the SS7 network can route calls properly. 

Point codes consist of 9 digits. The first three digits represent the network, the second three digits represent the cluster, and the third three digits represent the member. Large networks start at network 254 and are decrementing. Small networks are assigned from network code 002, and point code blocks are assigned from network code 005.

iconectiv is responsible for the administration and assignment of SS7 point codes in the United States and other North American Numbering Plan (NANP) countries. For international point codes, contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at 202-418-2214.

Request Point Code Company/Contact Information

To obtain Point Code Company/Contact information please e-mail our Customer Support Center at

The Telecom Routing Administration Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG) contains the LERG4 table, which is the full list of Point Code contact information.  If your company subscribes to the LERG and you require assistance in locating the correct point-of-contact within your company to obtain this data, please email our Customer Support Center at

Code Requests and Changes

To apply for a code, make a change request or initiate a return, download the appropriate form, fill it out and email it to iconectiv at

The SS7 Point Code Administration Guidelines are maintained by Committee T1S1. More information can also be found in Annex A of the Point Code Administration Guidelines.

Questions?  View the FAQs or contact iconectiv at 732-699-6132.