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For communications service providers (CSPs) with massive footprints, more moving parts means more room for error. With dozens of facilities, thousands of pieces of equipment and new service offerings properly keeping track of everything can be nearly impossible and not keeping track can be costly.

Inefficiencies and errors are responsible for wasting up to 20% of your annual CapEx budget. The culprits: ambiguous or inaccurate data, inefficient routing, incomplete inventories and improperly labeled equipment. To reduce errors and get the most out of your teams you need to communicate clearly all the time. The iconectiv TruOps platform can help by enforcing data standardization and ensuring data accuracy.

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CSPs are expected to route, rate and bill billions of calls and messages accurately. At the same time, they are under constant pressure to maximize efficiencies and improve network planning, with less time and resources. In order to achieve these objectives, efficient access to reliable, scalable and proven systems and processes are needed. That’s where iconectiv market-proven platforms come in.

TruOps Common Language® helps ensure data infrastructure standardization so networks, organizations, partners and vendors are aligned and speaking the same language across systems and processes. TruOps Telecom Routing Administration (TRA) is the industry-recognized source of routing and rating information in the United States.


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CSPs have a lot to keep track of: dozens of facilities, thousands of pieces of equipment. Accurately keeping track of it all can be extremely challenging; but not keeping track can be extremely expensive.

The iconectiv TruOps platforms are all about clarity. They ensure everyone, from discrete business divisions, to partners and vendors, are working together with greater transparency and harmony. How? By standardizing data, improving network planning and providing accurate routing and rating information.

With TruOps platforms, CSPS have the tools to bring order to their information infrastructure and business operations.

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Inefficiencies and errors cost CSPs value time and money and drain resources. Find out how iconectiv TruOps provides the insights CSPs need to improve network planning and utilization, ensure accurate routing and rating and accelerate the delivery of new revenue-generating services to customers.

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